Exercise for Seniors

Exercise for Seniors

May 10, 2019
No matter your age, exercise has several benefits from improving bone strength and heart health to lowering the risk of chronic heart disease and your chances of injury. Below are just a few benefits of consistent exercise...
Helping Seniors Avoid Scams

Helping Seniors Avoid Scams

Apr 15, 2019
There are an unfortunate amount of scammers out there preying on older adults. Luckily, there are methods you can use to avoid being trapped in a scam. Telemarketing Scams Scams over the phone are one of the most commonly...
Helpful Resources for Your Tax Preparation

Helpful Resources for Your Tax Preparation

Apr 05, 2019
There are numerous resources to help you file your taxes in Summit County. To find even more Tax Relief options visit 2-1-1. Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) - United Way Summit County If your household earns less than...
Manage Stress and be a Healthy Caregiver

10 Ways to Manage Stress and be a Healthy Caregiver

Feb 26, 2019
Caregiving can be overwhelming, but it is important to make your health a priority. Taking care of yourself can help you be a better caregiver, therefore improving the life of your patient. Below you will find 10 ways to...
Improve Brain Function with Regular Exercise

Improve Brain Function With Regular Exercise

Feb 14, 2019
We already know that regular exercise can help build strength and bone mass. And it can help lower cholesterol, stress and hyper-tension and reduce your risk of diabetes or heart disease. Recent medical research reveals that...
Quit Smoking at Any Age

Quit Smoking At Any Age

Jan 25, 2019
  Have you thought about quitting smoking but it's been so long, you're not sure if you can or if it's even worth it? The good news is you CAN quit and it IS worth it! There are many benefits to quitting smoking including:...