Better choices impact better financial security.

The hard fact is that 1 in 3 U.S. seniors are financially vulnerable. The good news is that many older adults and individuals with disabilities qualify for programs that can help them pay for health care, prescriptions, food, and utilities. Getting Wiser is here to help you remain more financially secure and independent as you age.

Find the financial resources that can support your needs.

Whether you’re looking for information on retirement planning, paying for medical care, eligibility for state and federal benefits, navigating Medicare and Medicaid, prescription programs, affordable housing options, help paying utilities, preparing a will, estate planning, or job placement for seniors – we’re here to help.



How well you age depends on your access to support.

As a non-profit organization, the Summit Senior Coalition is committed to helping families proactively address the challenges of economic security and aging. Our goal is to provide access to the tools and support you need in order to make better informed decisions that work to suit your health, finances and lifestyle choices.

For more information regarding smart financial decisions and securing your future, download our free information packet!

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