How Can Caregivers Keep Older Adults Active and Healthy at Home

May 12, 2020
Exercising at home Aerobic activities can provide several health benefits such as increasing your stamina, warding off illnesses, reducing health risks, managing chronic conditions, and boost your mood. With so many...

How Older Adults Can Improve Their Communities

May 01, 2020
Older adults have spent a lifetime building important skills and experience that can be past on to younger generations. With additional time on their hands many older adults find it advantageous to volunteer to support their...

Ways Older Adults Can Reduce Stress

Apr 14, 2020
Although stress can affect people at any age and these tips could apply to anyone, older people are more susceptible to health issues which makes it even more important that they take steps to reduce their stress. Older...

Ways Caregivers Can Reduce Stress

Apr 05, 2020
Being a caregiver can be rewarding, but it can also come with a heaping dose of stress and anxiety. As a caregiver, you are responsible for the well-being of another person as well as all the other responsibilities you have...

Meals on Wheels of Northeast Ohio adjusts services during Pandemic

Mar 24, 2020
Meals on Wheels of Northeast Ohio adjusts services during Pandemic Creative solutions ensure no senior is left hungry and vulnerable What Meals on Wheels of Northeast Ohio (MOWNEO) is working hard to get creative to ensure...

The Importance of Nutrition to Older Adults

Mar 04, 2020
Most of us know that eating healthy foods is an important part of staying well. But, did you know that our nutritional needs change as we age?   We change as we grow older in ways that influence how our bodies work....