Keeping Your New Years Resolution

Jan 15, 2020

It’s easy to create a new year’s resolution. People do it every year and it’s always lose weight, drink less, or be kinder to yourself. But like most people it’s not easy to keep the resolution. By February your looking around and wondering why you haven’t done any of the things you told yourself you would. 

What makes things worse is that you’re a caregiver and keeping a solid sleep schedule is difficult enough. How were you going to keep a resolution all year?

Keep a journal

Tracking your progress through a journal will help you have a better understanding of your process. A journal allows you to recap your day and determine where you need to make adjustments or where you’ve done well and deserve to reward yourself.

Make realistic goals

From the onset it’s important to create goals that will be attainable. You know your capacity and what you are capable of, don’t push yourself too far because you’re comparing yourself to others. If you do want to attain a larger goal, tackle it in stages. Take it one year at a time. Small wins are still wins.

Talk about it

Talking to others about your goal helps you stick with it. Now that others know about it, you will feel obligated to achieve your goal or stick with a routine. They’ll periodically ask you how it’s going and you’ll want to tell them it’s going well.

Accept help

Goals can be difficult, especially given all the other things happening in your life. It’s ok to seek help for following a resolution. There are no rules set in stone that says you have to do this alone. If you have help completing something, you’ve still completed it.

Take care of yourself

Most resolutions are created to take care of yourself. But sometimes we can get a little carried away and the inverse happens. Make sure while you are achieving your goal and following your new routine that you are also not causing yourself harm. Changing yourself can be great but not at the cost of your physical or mental health.